is the IP address that is often used by wireless routers or ADSL modems. The most commonly used IP address of TP-Link router is, which is the management address of the router. D-Link and Netgear routers usually use Some US Robotics routers use 192.168.l.254 or, and some Belkin and SMC routers use matter what brand of router, its default internal IP address is listed in the manufacturer's description document. Administrators can choose to change this IP address at any time during or after the router installation. The same address can also be used on commercial computer networks.

What can be done from

When you have logged in to, you will get all the permissions of the wireless router. In the router's management panel, you can make some basic settings. Such as DNS, PROXY, network management, WLAN (WiFi), LAN, WAN Protocol settings, Virtual routing, IP Qos, NAT virtual server, DMZ, a variety of security options, DHCP client, WPS, DSL, ADSL, MAC are all adjustments to the blocking and other changes.

How to Log in to

  1. Enterhttp:// into address bar of your IE browser.

  2. You should see a page with router details, which will ask your username and password.

  3. Enter the correct username and password.

Problems when logging in

Sometimes, we may encounter a problem of logon failure: The browser cannot successfully access the router. The first step is to ping To do this, we need to click 'START' menu(if your computer system is Windows), then click 'Run' menu, enter 'CMD', this will popup a command window. Enter 'ping' in the command window, watch the result. If it shows 'Reply from', it means your network is OK, if it shows 'request time out', it means you cann’t connect to your wireless router.

  1. Check Ethernet cable, check whether the Ethernet cable is loose.

  2. Whether the light behind the router is bright.

  3. Check if the IP address of your computer is 192.168.1.x. If your IP address is not 192.168.1.x, then the router's management address is not

How to securely log out of

In particular, if you are not using your own computer, you must ensure that the is safely log out after setting up the wireless router. This is important to ensure that the next person who uses this computer is unable to access your router account. It's easy to log out, click "exit", and then close the browser.